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The following laboratories performing ID testing are pre-approved under the IDDI Registered designation. Please contact IDDI for recommendations on specific laboratories recommended for specific ingredients.

Laboratories performing identity testing of dietary ingredients are requested to apply to IDDI for approval as a IDDI Registered or IDDI Verified Laboratory.
The following pre-qualification information is required to become an IDDI Registered Laboratory:
  • Number of years testing ID of dietary ingredients
  • Instrumentation used for ID
  • A sample  test report with test method or test method reference


An IDDI Registered Laboratory may become an IDDI Verified Laboratory by submitting information specific to a single ingredient. An example of required information for each ingredient include:

  • Detailed test method(s) used to ID a specific ingredient
  • Number of samples of the specific ingredient have been identified by the lab
  • Identity and method of authentication of botanical and chemical references used


Please contact us to begin the IDDI Verified Laboratory  process.

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