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The IDDI Process

The IDDI Process

The process for IDDI™ Verifications focus on independent verification of ID testing, product specifications, and supplier qualification.

IDDI Verification Process - Details

Overview and Getting Started

1. Contact IDDI to setup a free 30-minute consultation call.

2. Submit list of dietary ingredients and suppliers to IDDI for pre-qualification. 

3. IDDI team pre-qualifies ingredients and suppliers as appropriate to be reviewed. 

4. Submit required documents (product specifications, ID test method and test report, supplier GMP evaluation.)  

5. IDDI reviews documentation and provides feedback within ten business days.

6. If documentation supports scientific validity, the ingredient or supplier may be become ID Verified, Spec Verified and/or Supplier Verified.

ID Verified Decision Tree - Example

The ID Verified process is summarized by the following decision points: 

1.                   Is the Dietary Ingredient (DI) considered a vitamin, mineral, botanical or ‘other’ type of ingredient?a.                   If non-botanical, is the DI in pure form (98%+) or impure?
b.                  If botanical:
                          i.      What is the genus and species name, and plant part?
                         ii.      What form is the botanical? This may include pieces of a botanical (i.e. ‘tea cut), a botanical powder (no processing other than milling/grinding), a botanical extract in powder form, or another form?
                        iii.      Where was the plant grown (Country and region within country, if available)

2.                   Are suitable test methods and authenticated reference materials available to identify this material?

3.                   Are there documented adulterants, additives or processing aids in the DI which could alter identity testing results, such as botanical species similar in appearance or undeclared fillers?
a.                   If yes, have the adulterants or additives been ruled out through testing or other form of proof?
b.                  Are there any inputs in the manufacturing process which could change the chemical identity of the material, including solvents, acids, enzymes, processing aids or excipients?

4.                   Does the test method and test report support scientific validity?

ID Verified Documentation Checklist

IDDI Verification requires specific documentation on ingredients.  The following documentation is required:

1. Ingredient specification including disclosure of all sub-ingredients, process aids, excipients, enzymes and solvents.

2. Test method for identity, which may be a reference to a compendial or published method.

3. Test report for identity, which may include images of TLC plates, HPLC chromatograms, or other raw data.

Additional information may be requested after initial review of the above documentation. 


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