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The Standard for Ingredient Identification

IDDI Co-Founder Discusses SOP's, Suppliers at UNPA Quality Summit


February 17, 2016

Expert: “Seed to Shelf” quality requires focus on SOP’s, supplier evaluation

A new working set of quality standards for the food and supplement industries is starting to surface in response to recent quality crises.  However, a consistent framework or standard for an objective evaluation of supplier facilities and documentation has yet to be developed by the supplement industry.

Some first steps to develop a robust SOP system from seed to shelf is the subject of a talk by botanical quality expert Trish Flaster at the UNPA Raw Materials & Supply Chain Summit in Salt Lake City on February 23-24, 2016.

Building on the foundation of the Standardized Information on Dietary Ingredients, or SIDI, the talk will propose some possible next steps to include SIDI as part of a robust materials and suppler qualification program.

As part of the talk, titled “Seed to Shelf: Building Standard Operating Procedures for Botanicals”, ethnobotanist Flaster will explore some of the challenges to (and benefits from) strong SOP and documentation through the botanical supply chain.  The talk will focus on three main elements of a great “seed to shelf” quality program: Materials, Facilities and People.

“It is insightful to have the UNPA forum devoted to supplier issues”, said Flaster, Executive Director, Botanical Liaisons LLC and Co-Founder, IDDI. “The mandate for more rigorous material and supplier evaluation has never been more clear. It is important that everyone along the supply chain collaborate and contribute to setting standards for quality and transparency,” said Flaster.